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The Basics of Hair Loss and Why You're Suffering from It


If you're someone who's experiencing hair loss at such a young age, you must understand that it actually is an indication of your overall health. The fact that hair loss has come earlier than usual means that you might be experiencing a hormonal imbalance. It can also be because you're stressed or you are not getting enough and sufficient nutrition in your diet.


Once you observe that you hair is already thinning or you're already turning towards getting bald, the most important step to take is to figure out the cause of the problem and eventually determine which treatment is best for you.


Know that hair loss and hormones are directly linked to each other, particularly in men. As a matter of fact, the medical term for this condition, "alopecia" is considered as a component of what medical science calls as "andropause." If the term is familiar, that's because it is accordingly the equivalent of menopause in women. The hormones in the body work by regulating many natural functions, including that of non-surgical hair growth. If there are unstable and fluctuating levels of the male hormones called testosterone due to stress, lack of nutrition in diet, and other causes, the body's natural ability to help in regenerating hair follicles is affected and hindered.


In relation to stress, when you're suffering from it, your adrenal glands will respond by producing excessive amounts of cortisol, a hormone that can do a lot of bad things in the body if produced in excess. With high levels of this stress hormone, the body will lose collagen, could lead to decrease in bone density, and even counteract insulin. And more significantly, high levels of cortisol will eventually lead to hair loss.


When it comes to nutrition meanwhile, the lack of certain vitamins and minerals like biotin, iron, protein, and zinc are known to cause hair loss in men. Also, it worthy to note that if you have excessive levels of vitamin A and carotene in your body, there is a good chance you also will suffer from premature male pattern baldness.


But the good news is that there already exist several different methods of combatting hair loss today, including that of low testosterone therapy, vitamin injections, and others. There even are natural hair restoration methods that don't need the expertise of a medical professional, although the claim of treating the condition isn't proven or backed by medical science.